Fix Your Thinking


“I do not fix my problems.  I fix my thinking.  Then my problems fix themselves.”  ~ Louise Hay

Whatever is happening around you, stop and take a moment – are you thinking about the situation in a negative way?  You can choose to step outside of the situation and view it as an observer.  Just take note of what is happening.  Be curious about what is happening.  Take your ego out of it.  Stop trying to control it.  Just be.

It really is more about how we are thinking about something than what is actually happening.  Step outside of any emotionally charged situation you find yourself in and change your thinking about it.  You can find that fixing your thinking really does fix your problems too.


Photo credit: Eliza Evans

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3 thoughts on “Fix Your Thinking

  1. Thanks for sharing these great words! I have found that the more I focus on the quality of thoughts I think, the higher quality I see manifested in all areas of my life : )

  2. yep, thanks for the reminder that stinking thinking doesn’t accomplish anything but more stinking thinking. I needed that. :-)

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