Dear God, I am following…

Trust your heart!

That’s a little something I say every morning. 

I used to get lost – a lot.  In fact, I was kinda known for it.  I never felt like I could get a sense for where I was – what direction was what.  Then I took a job that required home visiting.  I wondered how I would ever find those homes I was supposed to be visiting.  I covered an entire county, a small one, but very rural.  The addresses were numbers and directions.  And this was before GPS systems guided everyone everywhere.  It was even before google maps.  (If you can imagine…lol)  I had a paper map and telephone instructions to guide me.

But I’ve always been a believer.  God, the Universe, Higher Power – whatever you want to name it.  I’ve always believed in it.  So on my first day I woke up and said, “God, I’m following you today.  Take me where you need me.”   And I was never lost.  

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