Focus and Take Aim At Your Dreams

Focus on what you want

Get your shot in sight.  Know what you want.  Know your target.  Know where it is and what it looks like.  Knowing what you want is the first step to getting it.  Know what it takes to get there.  What skills will be needed for your dream/goal?  Gather up your skills and hone them well.  Be ready to take the shot – steady yourself with the understanding that you have everything you need to meet this goal.

Focusing on what you want is next.  Focus is an intention. Focus is our aim.  Focus on it, think about it, feel it as if you are one with it – as if it has already happened.  Our thoughts control our focus and we control our thoughts.  So we control our focus.  Do not allow yourself to be distracted by others or by shiny objects.  Once you focus, the next step is to take the shot.   We get more of whatever we focus on, so make your target a beautiful one.

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  1. ♥…if, “When we focus, on what we don’t want, we get #WhatWeFocusOn”, I’m Grateful, that #DiamondInTheRough, utilizes “Positive, doable, clear Action-Language”, in relation to, #LessThanPositive, focus on what you don’t want, language!


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