Not Ready To Let Go?

Everything has a season

Loss can really take the wind out of our sails.  While there are some things we can let go of easily, there are other things (and people) that we just do not want to ever let go of.  And we have our reasons.  When something or someone is very important to us – the loss can feel intense and sometimes even hopeless.  We get ourselves planted in that loss and just wallow around it in all day, every day.  The loss becomes all we see.

It’s okay to wallow in your sadness.  It really is.  You have lost and that is important.  Recognize that you have every right to be feeling what you are feeling.  It’s okay.  All of your feelings are important and deserve your attention.  You would not be a loving human being if loss did not affect you.  Really sit right inside that sadness and just feel it.  It’s okay.  It will not eat you alive.  You will be okay.

Our emotions are never “right” or “wrong.”  They just are.  Sitting with our feelings will give us deeper insights about ourselves.  It is a compassionate thing to do for yourself.  To allow yourself both sadness and happiness and all of the emotions between.

You will move on.  Life will move on.  This too shall pass when you are ready to allow it.

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  1. I think letting go after loss is one of the most difficult things we have to do as humans. If we love, if we care, then we feel loss deeply. Sitting with those feelings without judgment is an important part of the healing process.


  2. Thank you for your very kind and generous approach to this intrinsic aspect of living.


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