Grow Happy

Grow Happy

We have many decisions to make over the course of the day.  We make so many of those decisions on auto-pilot – we tend to do the same things day after day.  We grow familiar in our routines – sometimes to the point where we feel stuck.

We can recognize that we make the little decisions that make our days up.  And we can change and decide differently.  Start with something small – like what you eat for lunch.  Then think about where you eat your lunch.  These decisions that we make almost subconsciously can change our lives when we become aware of them.  We can provide ourselves with new experiences – and new perspectives.

Let’s choose something different to nurture our spirits today.  Let’s get ourselves out of any ruts we have found ourselves in.  Starting today.  Let’s make conscious, alert and loving decisions that support and sustain us.  Let’s grow happy!


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