Following The Dimes

On A Dime!


This has been an incredible week.  I’ve met some super great people recently and I want to share a story with you.

Discovering dimes is a real activity in my life – I’ve been finding dimes for 10 years now.  Never nickels or pennies, quarters – just dimes.  And in the oddest places at the oddest times.  (Above pics: on the bottom of a shoe & in dryer lint!) It’s always really cool to find them & the dimes have surprised lots of people around me when they show up.  They show up all the time in the most amazing places.  I’ve come to see them as little signposts in my day – reminding me to stop and smile.  Stop and take a breath.

What I’ve learned from finding the dimes is that if we follow those little ideas, signposts, feelings and inspirations that flow through our lives – they can lead us to amazing places. And they are great reminders to take a moment and a breath.

This morning I discovered a dime on my website page.  Someone named “Discovering Dimes” liked one of my posts.  I had to find out more.  I don’t know anybody else who finds dimes.  Turns out he’s an incredible musician – who just happens to also find dimes.  He thought he was the only one too!  And now I have, yet another, new friend!  Amazing what can happen when you follow the dimes!!

So in the spirit of Discovering Dimes:  Here’s his facebook page: (Please take a moment to Enjoy & Like this page – Thank you!!):

I also met Alexander Johnny Beat recently – A very cool guy with a passion for the outdoors & helping others:

Then there’s the incredibly bright light of Jeffrey & Brenda Borowski  – with an incredible book, site and store: (this is the book site – I’ll share their store soon!).

Monday morning I was on a Gratitude Radio show with Elizabeth Hamilton – who has an amazing website: ‏ What a beautiful ray of light she is!!  You can still listen in now at:

My article was posted Monday morning at www.vividlife.ME : Move into Confidence:  Thank you Shayne Traviss  (On Twitter: @shaynetraviss) & Kyle Patterson (@kylejpaterson)

It’s just been a fantastic week!  To top it off my good friend, Tony, was on “TK OWN TALK” on Blog Talk Radio & we got to meet the lovely ladies who put on that fantastic show:  Really great show & a big thank you to Tony (@Ucla444 on Twitter and his blog: for the lovely shout outs!

I am looking forward to all the treasures the rest of the week holds!

I’d love to hear any stories about what you find – feathers, pennies, whatever it is – maybe it’s a song that follows you around?


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