Give Yourself Some Tree Love Today

Tree Hugs

I grew up just about right next door to a nature preserve.  I got to take a lot of nature classes as a kid and they were always amazing.  Nature was my playground and my refuge.  It still is – and I bet it is for a lot of us.

There is something super special about trees for me.  I love them.  All of them.  The tiny stick trees trying to force their way up through the big trees.  The enormous, gigantic, old trees with so much character they tell stories without words.  The groves of fruit trees that smell like I think heaven would.  Being outdoors, under a canopy of forest trees is one of my favorite places to be.

We nurture ourselves when we step out into nature.  We connect with the earth, the sky – everything alive and growing around us.  We can see that we are a part of the beautifully diverse and ever changing picture of life.

Give yourself some love today and take a deep breath of fresh air.  And thank a tree if you feel moved to do so.  I am always grateful for them.


(You can click on the picture to enlarge it, then click your back browser button to get back to this page. Please feel free to save and/or share!) Photo credit: Dot Thorman

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