You Are Abundant

You Are Abundant

Say, “I am abundant” out loud.  How does it feel?  Do you believe it?

If you do, fantastic.  Rock on!  If you don’t…why don’t you believe it?  Are you comparing yourself to someone else’s version of abundance?  Are you looking around and thinking – nope, I don’t have everything I want, so I must not be abundant.

Abundance is about knowing that we have enough.  We live in a society where no matter how much stuff we accumulate, it’s often never quite enough.  There’s always something out there that we don’t have.  When we think about – and are grateful for – all of the things we do have, we can see that – maybe we are abundant.  We have food to eat.  A roof over our heads.  We have everything we need to survive.

 We get more of whatever we focus on.  Gratitude is focusing your energy toward loving all that you have in this very moment.  Gratitude can take you right out of a scarcity mindset and help you to see that you really are abundant.


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