Finding Treasures In Our Fears

Tunnel of Gems

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.”  ~ Joseph Campbell

What we fear most holds a lot of valuable information for us.  Our fears can teach us many things about ourselves.  Let’s think of our fears as if they are a cave.  Deep, dark and we have no idea what is inside.  So often we avoid going into our dark places.  We wonder if our fears will eat us alive there.  They will not.   

We can go inside of our fear caves and have a good look around.  We can use observation and curiosity, rather than stress and anxiety, to guide us.  We can look at our fears, ask them questions.  Sit with them – some of them may even be like old friends.  We have known some of our fears for a very long time.

We can be willing to shine light on all of our fears.  Just our willingness opens up possibilities that were not there before.  We can also be willing to let them go when the time feels right.  Releasing our fears gives us room for more love.  When we shine light on our fears we can find precious gems of information that will help us. 


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