How To Meditate With A Waterfall


I love the sound of water.  It is a meditation for me to sit beside a waterfall or a stream.  The melody of the moving water clears my head.  I can be still and just breathe – and be fully present in the moment.

Consciously, I forget about the past and the future.  I focus in on the present moment.  I let all of my thoughts travel on down the stream.  I simply breathe.

But as lovely and easy as it sounds, sometimes my thoughts do not quiet right away.  When that happens, I choose to put my focus on my breath.  I let the sound of the water fill my head.  I feel the mist from the spray of the waterfall.  I inhale the sweet air.  I focus my sight on the waterfall.  I use my senses to guide myself.  And again and again, I let my thoughts go as they come up.

 I find peace in the surrendering of my thoughts.  Whether you choose to listen to water or music, or if you just enjoy the silence, give yourself the gift of meditation.  It is a wonderful way to give yourself some love.


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    • So excited!! Thank you!! Thank you for your comment too – I love meditating with water – even have a recording of water for when it’s impossible to get outside!


  1. I agree, water sounds are so soothing. One of the biggest “sellers” for relaxation CD’s, etc. Love the sound of a steady rain on the rooftop too.

    Take care,


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