Go Your Own Speed


Speed limits are usually on the 10s – 10 miles per hour, 20 mph, 30 mph… Why?  Who made them that way?

I was delighted to come upon a 7 mph speed limit sign.  It reminded me that there are so many things we see everyday and accept without a second thought. It was not just any old speed limit sign.  This sign was special.  It did not conform to the norms and that caught my attention.

When we express ourselves in ways that are uniquely our own, we are living consciously and aware.  When we do not go along mindlessly with the norms, when we do things our own way – we can create ripples of uniqueness that can spread out and encourage others to also be fully who they are.


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  1. Hey, Dyan! I can honestly say that you will never see a 7 MPH sign in California! We’re rolling at 10 MPH just to start our cars…

    Great thoughts to share with us. Take our things at our speed. Take care.



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