Every Step We Take


What footprints are we leaving behind us?  How do we affect the landscape around us.  Is it more interesting because we have been there?  Are we thoughtful about what we leave behind?

We affect, not only the environment, but also one another with the steps we take and the choices we make.  We can choose to leave beautiful, creative and loving footprints. We can choose to make the place where we are a little more lovely for the people who will come after us.

Today I was standing in line in a store and a beautiful young woman came up and stood in the line next to me.  The man in front of her started to yell at her – his voice got louder as he spoke.  He told her she shouldn’t sneak up on people and that she had no manners.  She quietly told him that she was just standing in line, but that agitated the man more.  I motioned for her to come stand in front of me.  With a little urging she did.  By then she was in tears.

Several people spoke up to the man.  Several people hugged the young girl and reassured her that she had done nothing wrong.  She continued to cry.  I hugged her and gently reminded her to focus on all of the love that everyone was giving her, not on the small amount of negativity.  I reminded her that the amount of love in that very place was so much bigger than the one less than loving man.  All I had to do was point out the love for her to recognize it and feel it.  She dried her tears and gave us all a smile and a thank you before she left.  Those of us who choose to show the young lady some love walked out of the store knowing that we had made a beautiful footprint for her.

It always amazes me that, as humans, we tend to focus in on the one negative thing in the whole big picture.  Let’s all look for the love today. Let’s make some gorgeous footprints for everyone to see.

Please remember that even one negative statement can be a damaging footprint on someone’s heart.  Leave some love instead.  And if you see or hear someone being less than loving, be sure to step right in their footprint and leave some love there instead.  We do affect one another with our words.  We leave imprints with our words.  Make them beautiful today.


(You can click on the picture to enlarge it, then click your back browser button to get back to this page. Please feel free to save and/or share!) Photo credit: Eliza Evans

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