Is Life An Uphill Climb?


Is life feeling like an uphill climb?  Do the stairs never seem to end?  Exhausted already?

Each step we take lifts us up toward the top.  And what beauty might we find there?  What amazing things are waiting for us on the top of the hill?  Maybe we will see a glorious waterfall, the sun setting over a lake, or even the ocean.  Maybe there will be people up there, waiting on us to enjoy the moments with them.

Unless we make the track up the hill, we cannot see the big picture.  One step at a time.  Even enjoying the process of the climb.  We can understand how each step is important.  How we are meant to take each step.  How we take the steps is completely up to us.  We can run up them, or crawl up them – or dance up them. We can pause on any step and look around us, ahead and behind, and choose to be grateful for all the steps that make up who we are.  And for the steps to come.


(You can click on the picture to enlarge it, then click your back browser button to get back to this page. Please feel free to save and/or share!) Photo credit: Eliza Evans

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  1. The journey of self-discovery is as it is.The older I get the more I feel you should simply do what has to be done and stop trying to improve the quality of your life.


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