Let Emotions Flow


Our emotions are like water.  They flow through us.  But only if we allow them to.

We can choose to sit with our feelings – especially the ones we think do not want.  The heavy, dense or heated emotions.  None of our feelings are “right” or “wrong.”  Our feelings just are.  Just be with them.  We can choose to let them wash through us.  If we allow ourselves to experience them, they will flow on by.  If we resist them, they will get stuck and we will feel more of what we are trying to resist.

Resistance focuses in on the things we do not want to stay in our lives.  Stop resisting and experience.  We can choose to observe what we feel.  Once we embrace our feelings for what they are, they will move on past.  Just like water, they will flow on through.


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  1. Exactly! When we embrace our full range of emotions, 1) our lives are fuller, and 2) our emotions no longer control who we are. As you say, let them ‘flow on through’.


  2. In fact by allowing the flow the good feelings can linger and intensify. It is as if the soul senses the allowing path and so opens the sluices wide


  3. Some interesting thoughts here Dyan. It can be hurtful to some, perhaps harmful, to “go with” some feelings, but I get the concept of what you say. Good post. Thanks for your visit, it’s always appreciated.

    Take care,


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