Be A Spark


How can we be the spark that lights up the whole world?  Find a need and fill it. What are your special gifts in the world?  Are you a good listener?  A good reader?  A good swimmer?  Do you play an instrument?  Can you bake?

Start with what you are good at – and that you enjoy doing.  Share that.  Start with your family and work out to the neighbors.  Then go city wide – offer free hugs or knit caps for newborns in your local hospital.  Teach Euchre at the Senior Citizen Center.  Teach what you love to do.

You can go global, but each person you share your gift with is just the same. Locally or globally, it is all the same.  Love shared is love multiplied.

Every act of kindness moves the world toward our greater good.  Each contribution, no matter the size you think it is – is just the same.  And if we all contribute, even just a little bit, think of the change we can produce in this world.  Think of the love we can add to the entire world.


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  1. I absolutely agree. Sometimes sharing constitutes nothing more than a smile to someone passing by. Thanks for the like of my post “Rosebud”.


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