What Time Is It?


How do we schedule our days?  Do we include the things we love in our daily agendas?  Do we spend too much of our time doing things we do not enjoy doing?

When we spend our time doing things we do not enjoy doing, we can easily become resentful.  We can even feel out of control of our own lives.  We run here and there, getting everything done – but with no fulfillment.

Put things you love to do on your schedule today.  Make it a priority.  And see what you can pare down off the list of things you really do not enjoy doing – or find a way to enjoy those things a little more.  I have found that nothing lasts forever – so whatever you are doing today, at some point will come to a close.  Make some loving choices for yourself and add  some YOU to your schedule today.


 Photo credit: Avril Guthrie

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One comment

  1. Such an easy thing to forget to do during the daily humdrum of life! It is posts like this that remind us to take a step back from our stressful daily lives and relax. Relax before the ulcers, heart attacks, or other maladies out there!

    Thank you so much for posting this! I hope the world sees this!



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