That’s right, it’s my birthday.  I am celebrating this year with friends and family.  I am sure there will be pictures and stories to tell later.  I’ve always been big on birthdays.  I’ve even been accused of taking it too far (for myself and for other’s birthdays too) – a few times.  And that is perfectly okay with me.  I like birthdays.

  For me, it’s not about the presents – it’s about who is present.  It’s not about the gifts – it’s about who shares their gift of love with me.  It’s about taking time out to consciously celebrate the day, the spirit, the love.

If you would like to celebrate my birthday with me, I have a great gift idea for you – something I would truly love.  Tell someone around you that you love them.  Give someone a real compliment.  Smile at someone who looks like they could use a little love.

 Consider this your thank you note.  I am very grateful.



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