The Opposite Of Bullying


Last year at a local high school there was a student who opened a facebook account.  The student did this anonymously – using a phrase instead of his/her real name.  And all year long this student posted on facebook regularly.  I came across the page by chance and watched in amazement daily.

This student posted the most wonderful things about his/her classmates.  It was amazing to watch this page.  The student commented on how helpful classmates were, how great they did in a class, and even when they looked nice.  This student observed his/her classmates and found all the wonderful things and then pointed them out.  It was all just super lovely.

People tried to guess who it was – who was saying all those wonderful things.  But the student insisted that it did not matter and just continued to spout out the most loving posts about his/her classmates.  The classmates were always grateful to be noticed.

The posts went something like this:  “Ann Jones, you have the nicest smile I’ve ever seen.  Your smile makes me happy every day.”  “Bobby Miller, thank you for stopping to help that freshman when he lost his notebook.  That was really nice of you.”

It moved me deeply to see this.  In a time when all we see on the news about schools are bullies – there was a teenager doing just the opposite.  Wow.  I never did find out exactly who made that page, but I was so grateful to be able to read it.  It was refreshing for my very spirit.

In honor of this incredible teenager, let’s all randomly tell someone something nice today.  Let’s keep this spirit of generosity of love going.  You never know how much a loving compliment can make a difference in someone’s day.


 Photo credit: Avril Guthrie

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  1. So true. My husband and I both take time to thank veterans, strangers or tell someone that they have a nice smile. It’s so natural. I thank you for Dyan for sharing this story and keeping gratitude and acts of kindness in the forefront of my mind and many others. With Gratitude, Anita


  2. Great idea! With all the troubling things happening in the world, it’s quite refreshing to celebrate those who go out of their way to make this world a better place.


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