Gotta Get Up That Hill


What do you get when you decide to climb the hill?  Yes, it looks daunting.  Yes, you could walk along the beach.  It is very nice there.  And you can see it – no surprises.  You do not have to climb the hill.  You can keep doing just what you are doing right now.  And if that makes you happy, then that is fantastic.


But we never know what is over the hill unless we decide to climb it.  We never know if we can do something unless we try it.  We never get to experience the thrill of the climb – the pursuit of happiness…we just stay on the beach.

However, if we were to give our dreams a big GO – if we were to risk a little bit to see what is on the other side…what might we find?


It could be a beautiful new view.


Photo credit: Eliza Evans

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