How Do You Like Your Sandwich?


My godfather came to the United States from Greece to go to college.  He did not speak a word of English when he arrived.  He was an extremely enthusiastic person though and made friends easily.

There was a diner just down the street from the college and my godfather told me that it always smelled so good.  He asked a friend to teach him how to order some food from the diner.  His friend taught him how to say, “Apple pie and coffee, please.”

My godfather was so pleased with himself when he ordered his first apple pie and coffee.  He told me that he savored every bite.  And then every day he went back and ordered apple pie and coffee – until that got old and he asked his friend to teach him how to order a sandwich.

And back to the diner he went – ready to try something new.  He was very excited – he was really tired of apple pie and coffee.  It came time to order and he proudly said, “Roast beef sandwich, please.”

“White or wheat bread,” the waitress asked.

“Roast beef sandwich,” he insisted, confused by what she was saying.

“White or wheat bread?” she asked again.

“Apple pie and coffee,” he sighed.

He did learn how to order a sandwich and he enjoyed every bite when he did.  He did not let the small setback stop him.

Sometimes when we try new things, because they are new, we do not know everything about them and there are glitches.  That’s okay, just keep trying.  Eventually we can get our sandwiches just the way we want them.


Photo credit: Avril Guthrie

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