Let’s Hear It For The Creative Thinkers


I discovered a new-to-me nature preserve last weekend.  Less than an hour away, I found it by chance and followed some signs.  It is a large natural area with lots of hiking trails, nearby kayaking and primitive camping.  They also offer some really fun and informative classes.  Lots of nature preserves do.  If you can find one in your area, I really encourage you to investigate some more.

What I really enjoyed about this nature preserve was the way they think out of the box.  They were extremely creative when they thought up a boardwalk.  It is way up on a hill – so you have a beautiful view of the area all around you.  It is smooth enough for wheelchairs – so people who normally cannot get out in nature have an opportunity.

It is also just a beautiful path for all of us.  Creative thinkers change the world and how we view the world.


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