Shut The Door And Be Present


I used to work for a shelter for battered women.  It was challenging work, but very rewarding.  Many jobs in the social services are emotionally charged.  Many jobs are stressful beyond the social services too.

Each evening, as I left work, I would use this technique:  As I exited the building I would say a little prayer for those inside and then walk through the door.  As I shut the door behind me, I consciously choose to let go of everything that had happened that day.

It did not come easy at first.  I had to practice a lot before I was really good at this.  It is easy for a lot of us to worry about things – even things we cannot control.  Worry is a habit.  Worry does not get us anywhere though.  It is not a productive habit.  And we can choose to change it.  We can choose to let go, and to continue to let go, of all of the things we cannot control.

It is important for us – and for our friends and family – to let go at the end of the day.  When we let go of our worrying, we can be fully present for them and for ourselves.


Photo credit: Avril Guthrie

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