Troubled Waters

Picture 674

Do you ever feel like troubled waters?  Your head is full of worries and cares, your heart feels heavy – you are not sure where this is all headed, but you do not like it.

Have you ever comforted someone else when they felt out of sorts?

If we can comfort and support someone else, we can comfort and support ourselves too.  We have all tried to be of help to someone at some point in our lives.  We talk to them in encouraging ways, we care for them – maybe feed them some soup, fix them some tea.  We give them a hug and tell them it will all be okay.

We can do the very same for ourselves.  When we are not feeling great about life and what is happening – we can fix ourselves a mug of cocoa, we can take ourselves out for a walk, we can tell ourselves, “This too shall pass.”  We can turn on some music, we can run a hot bath, we can do something that gives us peace.

Give yourself some compassion when you are feeling troubled.  It is a lovely thing to do for you and for everyone around you.


Photo credit: Avril Guthrie

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