I used to visit my aunt’s farm when I was growing up.  It was a dairy and crop farm.  They had many children and those children would work the farm right along with the adults.  I was always amazed at their work day – long and very scheduled.  And that is what it takes to run a farm.  Superior self-discipline.

We can all use some self-discipline – even if we do not have an entire farm to run.

Self-discipline can help us set and meet goals.  Self-discipline can help us take very good care of ourselves.  Self-discipline is setting healthy habits and seeing them through.

Self-discipline is a choice we can make to navigate the changes in our lives.  Let’s set some goals today and use our self-discipline to see them manifest in our lives.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. There are many words, in many books, that offer us tools for living a more peaceful life. But to only collect them and not use them does no good. Until they have real meaning, through experience, they are only words.
    We have become a people of wanting fast results, big pay offs, with little effort. Forgotten are the words, ‘ That which is worth having is worth working for.’
    Continuing to spend our days complaining, worrying about the state of the world, our lives, and the emptiness we feel inside, yet we go right on doing the same things we do. With the slightest of effort, we could realize that it is the things we do, that brings the things it does. And so therefore, it makes sense to think, we should do something different.
    Taking responsibility for my actions, is a good place to start. My thoughts, words and deeds are very powerful and I’m constantly creating the world I live in within my heart and the world I see… with them. When I take responsibility for my actions, chances are real good, I’ll make better ones.
    Only when I make choices that unite rather than divide, will peace live in my heart…and the world. One by one…little by little, the molehill becomes a mountain.
    * smiles*


  2. Thank you so much for the ‘likes’ on my blog. I hope that you like “Theodore.”
    I agree, it is very important to have motivation & self- discipline 🙂


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