The Meaning Of The Holidays


There are so many ways to celebrate the Winter holidays.  We celebrate according to our beliefs.  Our beliefs are formed by our families, our environments, what has happened to us – what we think is important.  Our celebrations are also shaped by where we live – and so many other factors.

  It can be easy to fall into a place of judgment – when we think our way is the very best.  But there are so many ways to celebrate and so many things to celebrate during the Winter holidays.  This year, instead of judging – observe other celebrations.  Check out how they celebrate on the other side of the world – on the other side of your town.  Be curious.

Please be compassionate and kind to those who celebrate differently than you do this year.  You never know what beautiful nuggets of wisdom and goodness you can find when you have an open mind.


Photo credit: Eliza Evans

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  1. Beautiful Dyan. I lived in Bavaria for a time and celebrated Christmas there. It was SO different from here. Much more peace-filled and relaxing… full of Spirit and love. Love to you & yours this Holy Season and throughout the New Year! ~ Anita


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