#LivingWithCompassion Radio (@ArunMGandhi)

Please enjoy this 30 minute interview with Arun Gandhi.  Brought to you from my friend, Tony Scruggs.  You can find Tony on twitter at:  @Ucla444 and here on wordpress at:  http://nonviolentpersonalpower.wordpress.com

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♥…on this episode, of #LivingWithCompassion Radio, a Wonderful Human-Being, Father, Grand-Father, & Friend, joins us (Oh yah, & his Grandfather, said something about “Be the Change, you wish to see, in the World”) ;-)

We’ll stay Present in the Moment, while reminiscing in the past, we’ll talk about the NOW, remembering the last…we’ll Connect to the 18 (Infinite Oneness), while hopefully, entertaining you, with Wisdom, Empathy, & what I like to call, “Compassionate Resistance” (Empathy, with Pro-Activity)…

So, sit back, relax, & engage in any way, your heart desires…Gandhi & SiMBa (@Ucla444), are in the house…enjoy the ride ;)

For more, on Arun, check out his FB page (http://t.co/0jUflBh8IW), & his website (http://t.co/3xMtmhPDAJ) #GWEI (Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute)…a legacy of LOVE!

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