1.  There’s nothing you have to do to be lovable.  You are love.  You are naturally lovable.  I love you.

2.  You belong.  Just like the trees and the stars.  You have every right to be here.

3.  No matter what you do, you are still lovable.

4.  You are doing the best you can.

5.  It’s okay to believe in you.  It’s okay to believe in your dreams.

6.  I am so very happy you are here.  I am immensely grateful for you.

7.  You are completely capable of doing whatever you set your mind to.

8.  I love it when you share your love and your gifts – in big ways and small ways.  You have so much to give.

9.  You light is bright and beautiful.  Thank you for shining.

10.  You deserve everything you can dream up, all you want – and more.


Photo credit: Eliza Evans

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