Your Dreams Are Worthy


What would your life be like if you choose to follow your heart?   What if you had nothing holding you back?  Can you imagine what you would do?  Take a deep breath and imagine what your life would look like if you believed that your dreams are worthy.  If you believed that you are worthy.

The first step to getting anything is to know what it is that you want.  The second step is to imagine it, dream it up.  The last part is to do it – live the life of your dreams.  You are worthy of your dreams.


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  1. The hard part for people is not so much knowing that their dreams are worthy, but that they are worthy of their dreams. Thank you for this excellent reminder that we are indeed fully worthy of our dreams. We just need to see it and imagine, and take ourselves there 🙂


  2. The “doing” is where I get stuck… I have da Vinci dreams but only a box of broken crayons…so frustrating!!


  3. A very good question. I had a T-Shirt once many years ago and written on this shirt were those words ‘Follow your heart’… once again, a reminder for me…to ask myself this question. Thank you Dyan!


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