See beyond the darkness

You are so bright!

In times of darkness, exhaustion, confusion – your light is still there, behind the things you think are clouds.  When situations overwhelm your sight – remember that your light is always shining.  Your heart’s desires are just through those clouds.  One ray of light is enough to brighten up the world.  You are enough.

See beyond the darkness, beyond the things that you believe are darkening your world.  There is a brilliant light.  And it is shining from you – not outside of you.   God/the Divine/Higher Power lives within each and every one of us.  We have an infinite amount of light to tap into.

Take a thing/situation that is clouding your view and look at it.  Shine some light on it.  Ask what you could learn from it.  Ask what you could do about it.  Examine it to see what gifts it has for you.

Let it go if you need to.   Stop trying to resist it.  The more we resist, the more energy we put into it, the more we think about it, the more it exists in our world.   Especially if it is something you have no control over.  Let it go.

Your light is beautiful.  Remember it is always there – right there inside you.  Shine bright.  Lend some light to the world.  Take a deep breath and smile.



Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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One comment

  1. This reminds me of what one of my friends always says on cloudy, rainy days – “the sun is shining somewhere!” How easily we forget that the sun is within us and that it is our choice to let our light shine! Thanks for the reminder Dyan


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