A Beach Is A Beach


“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”  ~ Coco Chanel

This photo is of a beach.  It is not a forest.  It would be very challenging to try to turn it into a forest.  Even if we were able to, the tide would come again and it would turn back into a beach.  It does not question why it is a beach.  It is just a beach.  It does not try to grow trees, or feel bad that it does not grow trees.  It is a beach.

And we are who we are.  Down deep we all know this.  We grow and learn throughout our lives, but at any given time – we are who we are.  Others are who they are.  When we try to change them – they may be able to sustain it for awhile, but eventually they turn back into themselves.

What we do have control over is ourselves.  We have control over our responses to others.  We can choose to not take other’s behavior personally.  We can choose to relax and allow people to be who they are in each moment.

When we accept the beach for what it is, we can easily see the beauty of it.  When we stop trying to change others, we allow them to be themselves – we can see the beauty of them.  We are all human.


Photo credit: Chris Mesker

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