Don’t forgive because they deserve it

You Deserve Peace

As long as you hold onto any resentments, hurts or heavy dense feelings about something that someone has done, you do not have peace.  Holding onto resentment over what has happened serves you no good purpose.  You are simply allowing the person who you believe has hurt you in some way to continue to hurt you in that very same way.  The hurt continues on until you forgive.

When you forgive, you get out of the cycle of the hurt.  You move beyond the situation and it no longer has anything to do with you.  You let yourself off the hook.  Whatever was done to you – you simply forget it.  It really doesn’t matter if the other person deserves your forgiveness or not.  The only way to peace is to forgive and to forget.

Please do not get me wrong here, I’m not saying let them do it over and over.  That is a part of self love – we do not allow others to walk on us – we are nobody’s door mats.  But the beginning of self love can be forgiveness.  Yes it happened.  Yes it was bad.  But yes, we can forget it, not let it even become part of our story, and continue on our loving path.  Forgive and let those old stories go away now.  It’s okay to let them go.  It’s okay to forgive, forget and make our own stories.


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  1. Thank you for this excellent info! God forgives me even though I don’t deserve it, and I know he expects me to do the same. Forgiveness is often easier said than done. However, I have learned that it brings much more peace than holding on to grudges for a long time. It’s this realization that makes it much easier to forgive 🙂


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