10 Amazing Ways To Love Yourself

You are complete

1. Love yourself just the way you are in this very moment.  Yes, right now – no matter how you look, no matter how frazzled you feel, no matter how peaceful you feel.  Just love yourself.  Give yourself a big hug.

2. Listen to your heart today.  Sit still and listen.  It has amazing things to tell you.

3. Do something nice for yourself today and feel great about it.

4. Take one step toward finding and living your dream today. Don’t put it off any longer.

5. Accept yourself – right here, right now.  You are an amazing human being with so many gifts.  Share some love today.

6. Embrace all of your emotions today as if they were guests in your home.  Love them, take care of them, listen to them.

7. Get up and shake off any dense emotions you are feeling.  Dance it off.

8. Spend 5 minutes looking in the mirror, telling yourself very nice things about yourself.

9. Treat yourself with care and compassion. Do not judge yourself as “wrong” or “right.”  Just accept yourself as you are.

10. Shine your light.  Be grateful for all of the abundance you are.


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