You are ever changing magnificence

You are magnificent

The thing that we can count on is change.  We can see change occurring in nature every day.  Flowers bloom, trees grow, and the sunset is different every single evening.  We certainly don’t mind all of that.

But when it comes to our own lives, sometimes we can be very resistant to change.  Change is coming, regardless of how you choose to look at it.  Change is coming regardless of how you react to it.  Take a deep breath and relax into the flow of life, into the flow of change.  You can choose to embrace the changes.  Amazing things never end.


Photo credit: Dot Thorman

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  1. Creating change in my own life meant overcoming fear. So often, people are afraid of change and you are right – it happens regardless. I decided to be “captain of my own ship,” by changing my life in a dramatic way at the age of 53. It was scary to face the unknown, but I see how many people stay in “the known” even thought they are miserable. It’s simply misery that’s familiar!


      • You’re welcome, Dyan. I’ll look forward to reading your post. Often fear is thought of with such negative connotations. But it is actually a great motivator that can lead to beautiful changes in a person’s life. We so often feel we can’t control things, but remaining stagnant is a choice!


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