Choose to lose the fear

Your moments are precious

There is another side of fear that many people don’t stop to consider.  The other side of fear, of being afraid, is excitement.  If there is nothing truly dangerous around you and you are feeling fear, stop and consider – could this feeling be excitement?

All it takes is a change of focus, a change of thought to turn fear into an energy we can work with – and maybe even enjoy.  Sounds radical, but it is true.  We can enjoy every moment when we choose to lose the fear.  Turn it into excitement and then use that energy to create something beautiful.  You can do it!


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  1. Thanks for sharing these excellent words! I’ve learned recently fear doesn’t have to be a bad thing…we can turn it to good by channeling its energy into excitement, motivation, and any of the positive emotions 🙂


  2. I really needed this today. Thank you! I have been trying to overcome some of my fears lately, and this is a great tip to change it around!


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