Aware and Alive

Walk Confidently

Live in each moment.  It sounds lovely, but what does it mean?  We are already living in each moment.  We are doing the things we do, conducting our daily lives – in each and every moment.

Living in each moment AWARE is a little different.  There are a couple of ways we don’t live aware in our moments.  One is when we are too busy, trying to get everything done.  We are on auto pilot – rushing through our days.  Another is when we live in the past (or the future)  Our minds are preoccupied by things we cannot control.

Our power is in the present moment.  Living aware of that is living aware.  Taking everything in as you go.  Infusing love into all the activities you are going to do anyway.  Stopping to notice the beauty around you.  Stopping to notice what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy.  You can start to make changes in the present moment.  Living thoughtfully, within each moment, is living aware.

Recognize that your thoughts are under your control.  When you catch yourself rushing through another day – or living in the past (or future) – stop.  Look around.  Take a deep breath.  Allow yourself to feel your feelings.  Find the things you can be grateful for.  You CAN change your attitude.  In fact, you are the only one who can change it.


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