Feeling A Little Tilted?


When life feels like we are going through it sideways – when we feel off balanced and out of sorts – we can choose to take a moment, take a break and refocus.

As long as we feel like this, we will feel like this.  The only way to change our view, our attitude, is to change it ourselves.  It sounds simple and it really is.

There are many ways we can reset our mood.  We can pray or meditate.  We can go someplace we have found peaceful in the past.  We can adventure out to someplace new.  We can take a walk.  Doing something different than what we usually do can be helpful to wake us up out of our heavy moods.

Try different things and find out what helps you to rebalance yourself.


Photo credit: Eliza Evans  ~  Please check out her wonderful Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/lillizas

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