I feel Like/That #EmptyGlass ;-)

NonViolent Personal Power

The other day, I heard someone say to their friend “I feel like, you’re being so negative! I feel that, you have to look @ the glass as half full”


…now anyone who knows me, knows that I Believe in “Empathy before Honesty (Objective Truth, vs subjective truth), & Honesty before Education”, so even though I was very aware that by the end of the interaction, they were going to see things in a very different way, I started out with a “Guess to the Yes”, & said “It sounds like, you really value this person as a friend, & are concerned that the way they perceive life, will prevent them from Enjoying Life?”! After a brief pause, they both exhaled, began to get misty, and said “Yes”, as they turned & hugged one another!


I said “I’m guessing it’s challenging to hear concern, when it’s filtered through…

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