If you have small children, this is not a far fetched thought.  You probably know exactly what play looks and sounds like.  But if your children are grown or if you do not have children in your life – maybe you have forgotten what play is all about.

Children do not have an agenda when they get together to play.  They do not even have to know each other – let alone call each other up and schedule an appointment to play.  Play is very spontaneous.  They make it up as they go.  One minute they are pirates on the open sea; the next they are baseball players in a huge stadium.  They love to let their imaginations soar.

If you have not seen what play looks like lately, find some children and watch.  Then take yourself out for a play date.  Find a swing, skip instead of walk, make up a song and sing it, play in a fountain – do something silly just for the fun of it.

Play is great for our spirit, our mind and even our body.


Photo credit: Eliza Evans  Please check out her wonderful Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/lillizas

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