Be A Thrill Seeker


It is Halloween and there are lots of scary things around.  Costumes, haunted houses, scary movies, haunted rides at amusement parks.  Many people enjoy being scared – and especially today.

What is it that draws people to want to be scared?  The thrills and excitement.  Our heart rate goes up and we become very alert and aware.  Being frightened heightens our senses.  It gets our blood pumping.

Did you know that fear you feel when you think about doing something new and challenging is just like those thrills?  If we learn to look at change differently, we can see that it is exciting.  Often we feel fear when we think about doing something new, but we can translate that into excitement.

Moving toward the things we fear doing is thrill seeking.  Find some thrills in the changes you would like to make in your life.


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