Wide Open Spaces


What good does it do us to have an open mind?  When we have an open mind, we are observing what is going on – rather than reacting to it.  That can help us navigate our lives and choose what we want with greater clarity and less emotional pain.

When we have an open mind we are not expecting things to turn out in any specific way.  This is helpful because when we are rigidly expecting something and it does not happen, we are often disappointed and frustrated.  When we have no expectations of how things will turn out, we have an open mind and an open heart to accept whatever comes.

When we have an open mind we do not demand that anyone acts in any certain way.  When we expect others to act like we want them to act, we can often be disappointed.  We cannot control the behavior of other people.  When we think we can we are often let down.  When we do not expect others to act in any way, we are not emotionally attached to how they act.  There is great emotional freedom in keeping an open mind when it comes to our relationships with others.

We can have a wondrous sense of inner peace when we allow our minds and hearts to be wide open spaces.

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Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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