Make That Change In 4 Days


Thank you so much for sharing this amazing spiritual journey with me.  Last week we learned new ways to communicate and new ways to care about others and ourselves.  If you missed a day, I will put the links below.  If you have any questions, comments or love you can leave them here.

You can also go on twitter and type in #MTC4Days and click on it to see more.  You can find the author of the playshop, Tony Scruggs, at @compassioning on Twitter.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Day Four:


  1. I love it to see so many bloggers swimming on the same wave (like we say in German) like I do. I would go one step ahead and say, dreams are important to follow since they are reminder of our Soul what we intended to accomplish or to experience in this lifetime. Love your posts!!!

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