Get On The Road


Yesterday’s blog was about being in alignment with our greatest good.  We talked about knowing what our hearts really want to do.  Once we know what we really want to do, the next thing is to take a step in that direction.

Now that we have explored our dreams and understand them better, we can begin to apply them into our lives.

Our dreams can be overwhelming when we look at them as a big picture.  There may be many steps involved in getting to our dreams.  That is okay.  We can break it all down into manageable steps.

We can make a list – on paper or in our heads – of all of the things we will need to learn, practice and do in order to live our dreams.  For example – if we want to become school teachers, we will need a college degree.  This is a big order, but we can break it down – step by step.  The first step is to call the college and get some information.  Small steps will not overwhelm us.  And because we are working toward our greater good, every step we take can feel really good.

Take one step toward your dreams today.  No matter what it is.  Just get on the road.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. Breaking projects down in little steps gives as countless experiences of success. With each step we reached we nurture our motivation, joy and passion for our goal. It nurtures the belief in ourselves and the knowing that all things are possible.

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