Please Share Your Good Attitude


Our first real snow came this week here in the Midwest.  We had a particularly long winter last year and I have not been looking forward to the cold.  I love summer activities and warm weather.

My dear friend, Dot (who took this lovely photo), sent several photos of the snow.  I looked at the photos and thought, “Here we go again.”  Then I looked at what she wrote under them.  “What a beautiful morning.” 

I looked at the photos again.  Gorgeous snapshots of mother nature.  I saw them through her eyes.  I saw the snow through her attitude.  She was so right.  It was a perfectly beautiful morning.

I started to remember all of the things I love about winter.  The crisp, clean air.  Snowmen.  How bright the sun seems when it hits the white snow.  Hot cocoa with marshmallows.  Fires in the fireplace.  Feeling cozy and warm under the blankets.

Because Dot was able to see the beauty in the snow, I was able to see it too.  A good attitude is contagious.  Please share your good attitude with others.  Some days we all can use some help.


Photo credit: Dot Thorman

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  1. Beautiful, Dyan. The same happended to me. I did not like winter at all. But for some years now I love to see the snow falling, the fairy tale that is emerging after everything is covered with snow. The peaceful and calm atmosqhere. Looking out of the window at night into the clear sky in winter and see everything covered with snow I enjoy the stillness and the pure air. Thanks for this post! It was really an awakening in the small for me to descover the beauty of winter. We always see what we are looking for!

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