Have Artist’s Eyes


Artists look at things a little differently than most people.  They look at the big picture, but they also look more closely.  With a little practice, we can all look at things like we are artists.

Let’s start with an object in the room where you are right now.  It can be anything.  Look at it.

Now really look at it.  Look at the colors of it.  The size and shape of it.  Is it smooth or textured?  Is it shiny or dull?  Look at how the light reflects off of the object.  Does it look hard or soft?  Look at the outline of it.  Does it have smooth edges or jagged lines?  Look at any details of the object.  Spend time really looking at it as if you have never seen it before.  Or as if you want to describe it to someone.

When we take the time to mindfully and thoughtfully look around us – we can be amazed at what we see.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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