When we are going through something challenging, it is often easy to have thoughts of giving up.  We just want to run away and forget about whatever is happening around us.  Stress is exhausting and we just feel tired.

In those moments when you just do not know what to do, remember this:  There is something inside of you that knows you can do this.  You can call it “willpower” or “God” or the “Divine” or your “higher self.”  Whatever you call it, it is always with you.  It always has been.

This part of us speaks to us in our gut.  In the deep feelings we have about something.  We can consciously stop and listen to this part of us in prayer and meditation.  We can communicate with this part of us.  But we have to be still and quiet to hear it.

Practice communicating with this wonderful part of you that always knows you can do this.  Let the hustle of the day fall away for a little while and get to know this part of you.


Photo credit: Dot Thorman

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