Hibernating Habits


It is not even winter officially yet, but for many of us – it is cold outside.  For even more of us – it is getting dark earlier and earlier every day.  We have begun to cozy up inside.

It can be an easy thing to fall into a slow pattern at this time of year.  And that is not entirely unhealthy for us.  We definitely need our rest.  But when we go inside and stay there – in front of the television – when we become sedentary too often – we can fall into lethargic ways of thinking and being.

It is just as important to treat ourselves in healthy, loving ways in the cold seasons as it is in the warm seasons.  We can do all kinds of things indoors to take care of ourselves in healthy, active ways.

We can feed ourselves delicious, healthy foods. It is a great time of year to make a soup or stew.  And if you have never made a soup or stew – this is a wonderful time to try it.  There are tons of simple recipes online.  It is an easy way to treat yourself and the people you love.

We can move our bodies – yes, even indoors.  There are tons of exercise DVDs and shows on television.  There are so many different programs to choose from now.  We can try something new.  They are even available to rent for free at the local library.

And speaking of the local library – this is a great time to cozy up with a good book and exercise our mind.  It is also a great time to take up meditation – or to step our meditation up a notch.

Or we can try that craft project we have been thinking of for the last few years.  Woodworking, needlework, painting….  there are so many ideas in so many places.  Magazines, online articles and websites and craft stores are great places to start.

This is also a perfect time to organize our things.  To sort out the clutter and donate things we no longer want.  To shine up those things we do love and want to keep.

We can also be sure to get ourselves outdoors for some fresh air.  Even a few minutes a day can be very helpful.  We can take a walk in a store or mall.  We can treat ourselves to a hot cocoa in a diner.  Just getting out of the house helps keep us active.

We can stay active this winter in many ways.  And have fun doing it.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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