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I have started a project that is very near and dear to my heart.  I would like to send a copy of my latest book, Love You! How To Live In Love, to every shelter for battered women in the US.

If you have ever known anyone affected by domestic violence, you know that self-love is a big issue for victims.  Here’s a way to teach the life skills they can use most.  How to love themselves.  And that self-love will spill over to their children, their work, their communities.  It’s a great way to help make a change in the world.

You can contribute any amount – from $1 on up.  $15 will send a book to a shelter.  $30 will send 2 books.  There are 1,637 shelters in the US.  I obviously need lots of help here and truly appreciate anything you can contribute.

You can make your donation (of any amount) in someone’s name and I will send them a thank you (if you like).  It is a wonderful Christmas present – a gift that truly keeps giving.  (And if you are wondering what I would like for Christmas….this is it!)  You can also donate anonymously if you like.

Please help me with this amazing campaign.  The world can really use more self-love!  And thank you in advance for your help.

Go here now to check out the campaign: 

Please share this link with everyone you know!

Thanks again!  ~ Dyan

And if you haven’t purchased your copy yet – you can find it here:



  1. Hi Dyan, a wonderful project, have two friends who were beaten badly by boyfriends, and an acquaintance that I have lost track of, who has had multiple beatings, and multiple rapes, would love to help, but our money is worth so little compared to the Dollar, and I have so little of it anyway, that I can’t afford to contribute, but know I ought. I hope and pray that the campaign goes well, best wishes and blessings, Charles.


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