This time of year can be a little rough when someone we love is missing.  People in our lives go missing in a number of ways.  Our children grow up, our friends get new jobs and move, and friends and family pass on.  It is not personal – we did not cause their departure in these cases – but it may feel like it.  Especially during the holidays.

When things are just entirely too quiet we can choose to get out and take a break.  We can find people everywhere this time of year.  We may not feel like getting out when we are sad, but it can completely change everything up.

Take a walk around the mall or any store.  Stop at a restaurant for a cup of hot cocoa – you may even find someone else who is feeling alone.  Check local craft stores for classes – make something and donate it to a shelter.  Sign up at a gym and get out daily for some exercise.  Bundle up and take a walk.  Visit a new church.  Make your elderly neighbor something healthy to snack on.  Volunteer at your favorite local charity.  Your help can make all the difference during the holidays.

Keep your ears open for opportunities to help – opportunities to get out and meet people.  Your local radio station and newspaper will have ideas for you.  If you want things to change, you will have to kickstart the change.  I understand it may not be easy when you are feeling lonely – but I know you can do it.


Photo credit:  Bill Evans

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