How To Have A Graceful Holiday


The holidays are upon us.  We will be seeing old and new friends and family soon.  Some of us will be diving into the chaos of the season.  Office parties, Santa at the mall – there are so many social things we do during the holidays.

How do we gracefully survive?

We can remember to take deep breaths.  We can remember to take breaks when we need them.  We can remember to meditate and clear out any stress that accumulates.  We can remember to take the time to care for ourselves in whatever ways we need.  We can enjoy the small moments alone – even if it is only in the shower or getting dressed.

We can remember that other people’s issues are their own.  We can remember to respond instead of react.  We can remember to have compassion for others who create drama.  We can choose to let it go.

Have a beautiful and graceful holiday!


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