The Really Important Stuff


By now you may have heard that I came home late evening – the day before Christmas eve – to find my house had been broken into.  They totally trashed my house looking for things.  They even tore up my Christmas tree.  They took a lot of stuff.  Some really important stuff to me.  Irreplaceable things.  It has been very confusing for me.

But the thing I am not confused about is that I have a vast supply of blessings – and they have nothing to do with stuff and everything to do with people.

Everyone here is okay.  No one was hurt.  Even my deaf dog is just fine.  That is the biggest blessing and the most important thing.

I was amazingly blessed to have a wonderful police officer who was friendly and very calm respond to the call.  Even though he had just finished responding to a violent crime, he was the epitome of kindness.  What a blessing he is.

I have very dear friends who are there to listen, to help hang up a new back door, to stop by with a wonderful scented candle.  To donate to my “Book in Every Shelter” campaign.  To give me tons of love and hope.  Huge, ginormous blessings.

Christmas morning a father and young daughter showed up with the Santa you see in the picture above.  And some food.  I do not know them.  They heard about what happened from one of my neighbors.  They just wanted to help.  What an amazing blessing that family is.

This Christmas turned out to have enormous blessings.  And I am counting every single one.

Please count your blessings as the year comes to a close.  Remember that it is not about things, but about the people who help, who support, who love, who care and who are kind.

Remember to be that person for others too.   It is more important than all the stuff in the world.


To donate to the “Book in Every Shelter” campaign:

Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. oh my gods, Dyan!! The blessing of still being alive is the driving force behind us. It sucks to have things taken that are considered irreplaceable and priceless. Those things are still material but meant a lot. That breaks my heart but what comforts me is that you’re ok. The family. Being close to the police myself, there’s no real way to full understand a criminal’s mind. It’s confusing at best. But, all that aside, thank the gods you’re ok. At least you still have a house to come home to. Perhaps you’ll be able to get those precious things back when the criminals are caught. i sure hope so. But stay strong, if you can. Cry if you must. I say this to all people. Don’t ever be so strong that you run out of strength for yourself.

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